Get 15% Discount for Island Hopping!

Visit Santorini or Ios island and get a 15% discount at one of our affiliated hotels:

Armeni Village Rooms & Suites (

Relux Ios, Marina of Ios (

Chroma Suites (

Liakada Oia Suites (

Artemis Suites (

As soon as you book online (through the official booking engine only), you will get a confirmation email with the details of your booking.  In this email, you will find a voucher code which can be used for booking online through the website of each of the preferred hotels that are listed above, provided that your reservation with our hotel is still valid (in case of cancellation of the initial reservation, please note that the 15% discount will not apply). To  redeem your voucher, simply visit the hotels’ website, go to the official booking engine, select the preferred dates and before finalizing your reservation, enter your voucher code at the section ''Voucher Promo code''.


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Archipelagos Resort Paros

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